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Picasso Marketing is a content writing services agency with 20+ years of experience. Our content writing services are proven to bring in more leads and sales for your business. We prioritize your business needs so you’ll see positive ROI when you use our content writing services. We provide content writing services for a variety of platforms, from press releases, online blogs to whitepapers, website content, product descriptions, and social media posts. Our content writing services aim to engage and attract your audience with informative and original content. We craft witty and conversational social posts, persuasive whitepapers, and engaging web copy to help our clients connect with their audience and grow their business.


What Is Content Writing?

Content writing requires you to write informational material such as brochures, ebooks, blog posts, social media posts, product descriptions, and more. Content writing helps businesses communicate their brand image to a target audience through informative text. The content should be compelling enough to give the customer or reader of the content a glimpse of your business. Content Marketing is not limited to written documents but also includes infographics, videos, presentations, applications, anything that provides information in words or is supported by visuals.

Content Writing Services: There are several types of content writing services in the market today. Content writers write for various niches in various industries. Here’s what you need to know when considering hiring a Content writer:

– Content Marketing Copywriting is when you write articles promoting products with keywords designed for search engines optimization (SEO). The goal of this is to put your website on top of search engines and provide more information about the product or service your company is promoting. Content writing in this context may also serve as Content Marketing.

– Content Writing for Social Media Posts and status updates is when you write content that can be shared on social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Content writers write informative texts and titles that would encourage people to click on the post and read more. Content Writing Agencies use a small number of keywords to make it easy for search engines to find their posts. We create hashtags that users can browse through using hashtag keywords. For example, if a company is launching a new product, the Content Writing Agency will create a series of short articles with headlines all starting with #newproductlaunch. The more often a user uses these specific keywords in a status update or tweet, the more likely their post will pop up when a user searches for the said keywords.

– Content Writing for Content Marketing or Content Marketing Copywriting works to create awareness and interest among specific groups of people about a product or service. It is promotional in nature but does not include sales words that might turn off readers. Content Writing Agencies use persuasive language to make people want to purchase a product or service by mentioning benefits, features, and uses.

Do I Need Content Writing Services?

Yes, all businesses that offer a product or service need Content Writing Services as a marketing strategy. Our content writing services will help your website achieve your sales goals with high-quality, original, and descriptive copy. Being well-written, search engine optimized and understandable content that best represents your brand or services is vital if you want to have a successful website that achieves your sales and revenue goals.


Businesses with blogs receive more website traffic and leads than those without. This is because people are searching online for information on the company's products or services.

Content Marketing

Content is King. A well-written blog post or article can be the perfect way to capture your audience's attention. Not only will it generate leads, but it will build trust in your brand.


Content marketing is a great lead generation strategy to produce three times as many leads of traditional outbound campaigns, but at a significantly lower cost.

Content Writing Service

Content Writing Services

Picasso Marketing a Content Writing Services Agency is a team of dedicated content writers that drive results for your business. Our team will create the best content with targeted keywords for your blogs and website. Content marketing is a must-have for any online business strategy. That’s why with Picasso Marketing, you’ll get content that’s strategically optimized for search engines and your website audience.

Picasso Marketing Content Writing Services will position you to reach a wider audience and transform browsers into loyal paying customers. Content writing is a valuable investment in search engine optimization for any business looking to grow its bottom line through online channels. Our Content Writers follow SEO guidelines when creating optimized content.


Achieve Your Goals

We never approach content writing as a one-day project. We believe in taking time and working closely with you to ensure that your site’s content helps you achieve your goals.

Beat the Competition

We will review your brand and compare it with your competitors, analyze their streatghs and weaknesses and tailor your content to out pace your competitors.


Our content writing services will identify strategic keywords and phrases that will drive traffic to your site, encourage visitors to stay on your site, and encourage conversions.


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