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When it comes to cannabis marketing, there’s a lot that goes into developing the perfect campaign. You need to find just the right point of differentiation that meets all legal requirements and is also emotionally compelling. Who you market your campaign to should be decided early on in order to tailor messages for your desired audience base. Our team of Master Cannabis Marketers can help get everything squared away so you don’t have too much work on your hands. We have master certifications from America’s top Cannabis university, which allows us to have in-depth knowledge about all aspects of the Cannabis industry and managing all forms of Cannabis businesses.

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Cannabis marketing is a crucial component to the success of cannabis companies in today’s society, where marijuana is still illegal under federal law. Cannabis marketers must be aware that they are operating in gray areas and will need to protect themselves from legal action when marketing their products.

Cannabis marketing has not been very successful in the past, but with more states adopting pro-medical or even fully legalized cannabis laws restrictions on advertising and promotion fall by the wayside. As public opinion changes along with state and federal legislation, we can expect to see an increase in ad spending for medical and recreational marijuana suppliers. The Cannabis Marketing Association (CMA) estimates between $50 million and $100 million was spent on dispensary advertising in 2016, pointing out that it’s “still a fairly modest amount considering the size of the industry.” Cannabis retail sales are expected to approach $20 billion by 2020, according to Arcview Market Research. With almost a quarter of all Americans living in states that have legalized cannabis for medical or recreational use, this figure is set to skyrocket even higher as the stigma behind cannabis dissipates.


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Cannabis marketing is very competitive with other sectors such as alcohol and cigarettes as well as pharmaceuticals because marijuana’s health benefits are now being recognized by millions of people across America. Cannabis marketers must stay on top of market trends and events if they hope to succeed. Cannabis marketing professionals can’t rely on traditional methods because those methods haven’t been tested or proven with cannabis customers. Cannabis is still illegal under federal law and as such most companies cannot use common marketing techniques like television commercials, billboards, etc. Cannabis marketers must be creative and find new ways to attract customers. Cannabis marketing tactics that work in one state may not necessarily work in another state where weed is legal for medical or recreational purposes; it’s important that cannabis marketers do their research to determine which methods are best suited to their individual markets.

Cannabis marketing consultants should have extensive knowledge of the industry because they’re the ones helping to shape this sector. Cannabis laws vary greatly from state to state so it’s crucial for consultants working with dispensary owners to have strong knowledge of marijuana laws specific to the states they’re marketing to. Cannabis marketing consultants must also stay current on trends and statistics as well as company developments, new laws, and regulations, public perception, etc. Cannabis marketers who are not up-to-date with these matters could make serious missteps that can damage their companies’ brands and reputations.

Cannabis marketing consultants should be knowledgeable about similar industries like other drugs or consumer products like alcohol and cigarettes because many of the legal restrictions surrounding those two markets could also apply to cannabis. Cannabis marketers may want to speak with other product marketers during the initial consultation stages if they’re not already familiar with industry norms. The more information a consultant has about an industry the better prepared they will be when advising clients on best to promote their products.

Cannabis is an extremely beneficial plant that has helped thousands of patients and continues to help thousands more. Cannabis has also helped people wean themselves off of dangerous drugs like opioids and alcohol, which have contributed to the widespread opioid epidemic plaguing America. Cannabis marketers need to be adamant about spreading this kind of information and debunking what they believe is misinformation and propaganda spread by prohibitionist groups that paint weed as a dangerous drug that only benefits criminals. Without the proper information, many communities may continue supporting failed laws that keep marijuana illegal instead of joining the cannabis movement and reaping its numerous health benefits. Cannabis marketers must work together with all parts of their industry for legalization efforts if they hope to achieve success in such a unique field.

Cannabis marketing can bring real change to our country by helping decriminalize a natural plant with countless health benefits. Cannabis marketers have a responsibility to be socially conscious and help bring positive change not only to America but the world at large. Cannabis is one of the safest drugs known to scientists so cannabis marketers shouldn’t be ashamed or nervous about supporting weed legalization efforts. Cannabis marketing requires education, careful planning, and a lot of creativity if it’s going to fulfill its potential as a safe, legal drug that can help numerous patients across America.

Cannabis marketers must learn all they can about their industry and then share that information with others in order to grow this sector as quickly as possible. Cannabis may still be considered an illegal drug by certain parts of American society but those days are now dwindling away quickly thanks to countless individuals who have chosen careers as cannabis marketers. Cannabis marketing consultants help shape the future of weed and maintain its legitimacy as a drug that can change – and save – lives. Cannabis marketing is an exciting field that could continue to grow exponentially as more states embrace legalization efforts and learn about cannabis’ benefits.

Cannabis Marketing Consultants Must Be Knowledgeable About Marijuana Laws

Cannabis marketers must be knowledgeable about both federal and state laws governing marijuana because those rules can vary significantly from state to state. Federal authorities have largely allowed individual states to run their own pot programs but there are still dangerous restrictions set in place by lawmakers who refuse to budge on updating failed policies that ultimately prevent people from obtaining the medical treatment they need. Cannabis marketers should be familiar with these rules so they can recommend the best ways for their clients to effectively promote their products. Cannabis marketing consultants can help cannabis companies reach a wider audience without breaking any laws in the process.

Cannabis marketers must also be comfortable discussing marijuana and it’s benefits because that will be a large part of their job when speaking with potential and current clients. Cannabis has helped countless people wean themselves off of dangerous painkillers and treatments that only mask symptoms instead of promoting genuine healing. Cannabis marketers should be aware that not everyone is going to respond well to hearing about the benefits associated with medical weed, so they should always tailor each conversation to their client’s specific needs and goals. Cannabis marketing requires strong critical thinking skills because every interaction will present unique situations requiring appropriate solutions from both parties involved. Cannabis marketers must be comfortable with all types of people in order to further their field and help separate it from the negative stereotypes that plague this industry.

Cannabis Marketers Must Be Creative To Connect With Customers

Cannabis marketing should be creative in nature because cannabis is an incredibly unique product. Cannabis has been used by countless cultures for centuries but modern society largely views marijuana as a dangerous drug instead of the beneficial plant it truly is. Cannabis marketers can change these dangerous misconceptions by crafting engaging ad campaigns that expose potential customers to the benefits associated with medical marijuana use. Cannabis marketing consultants must be willing to learn new techniques, experiment with different strategies, and try out fresh ideas in order to find success within this industry. Marketing requires innovation if brands want to stand out from the competition and cannabis marketers must be able to transform this plant into a viable commodity. Cannabis marketing is going to evolve as time goes on, so professionals must constantly assess their own knowledge, skillsets, and talents in order to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of this industry. Cannabis marketing may be a field that’s ripe with new opportunities but those who want success within it must be willing to continuously grow as individuals. Cannabis marketing consultants can expect more states to legalize weed as quickly as possible, which will create even more job opportunities for those attracted to this exciting field.


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