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Picasso Marketing An Affiliate Management Services Agency

Picasso Marketing an Affiliate Management Services Agency is a team of passionate affiliate program managers that drive results for your business. Our team will test your offer to make it a high-converting offer for your vertical on your desired affiliate program network. We have a strategically vetted list of only the top producing publishers that will send the most qualified leads and sales to your business. We use various affiliate networks to manage our clients’ affiliate programs.

Using an Affiliate Management Services Agency is the best way for a merchant to launch, run, and be successful in performance marketing. This eliminates the hassle of running an in-house affiliate program and finding a qualified employee to run your e-commerce affiliate program. As an Affiliate Management Services Agency, we have years of experience and long-term relationships that can be instrumental in starting and growing your affiliate program. We offer various Affiliate Management Services like program set up, banner design, publisher recruitment, compliance monitoring, influencer campaigns, optimization, and more.

Affiliate Management Services

Over $500 Million in revenue generated for Affiliate Program clients.

Do I Need Affiliate Management Services?

Yes, all businesses that offer a product or service should use Affiliate Management Services as a marketing strategy. An Affiliate program is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels a business can use. This is a marketing channel that can drive tons of traffic and leads to your business. Having an affiliate program is like have a huge sales team for free. All you’ll pay for is performance. If an affiliate drives a customer to your business and they buy or sign up, you’ll pay a commission that’s determined by you.

Thanks to the vast experience that we have in affiliate management services, we can help you create an environment or situation where publishers can close the deal with new customers quickly. Picasso Marketing has a team of experts that can help give your business an edge over your competition. Affiliate marketing is an incredibly powerful way to drive traffic to your business. It’s something that can help balance out any pre-existing higher-cost marketing channels. Affiliate marketing can be a strong complement to expensive marketing channels such as TV and Radio advertisements, particularly when promoting new products.

New Customer Acquisition

Our affiliate management services are the perfect marketing channel for any business in need of new customers and sales.

Competitive Edge

Your publishers are incentivized to sell more on your behalf, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Boost Sales

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the right mix of publisher and affiliate sites will help you outperform your competition.

High ROI

Affiliate marketing has a high ROI and can help balance out any pre-existing higher-cost marketing channels.

Increased Visibility

Our experts are here to help you find the right audience. We have relationships with the top media partners in the industry.

Brand Monitoring

Our affiliate marketing managers will keep our client’s best-in-class search and display policies enforced in all locations.

Affiliate Program Management

Hire Picasso Marketing as your Affiliate Program Management team. We can help manage your affiliate program from idea, setup, strategy, program implementation, and tracking. Most businesses do not completely understand or have the technical knowledge to set up an affiliate program on a major network. That’s why it’s best to hire an experienced Affiliate Program Services Agency like us to grow your program. Our affiliate managers can advise on ways to increase revenue and strategies to grow your affiliate program.


Affiliate Program Management

Top Affiliate Management Services


Our Affiliate Management Services strategy is used by small and large businesses to increase sales and revenue. It is one of the best strategies to build brand awareness. An affiliate program will allow your business to be promoted by online website owners, in some cases, they are able to promote your products to a niche market that you may have overlooked. In return for their sales referrals, you will pay a commission for each sale. In short, you have a team of people marketing your products for you. Some affiliates will drive massive amounts of traffic to your site and others a small amount. It’s important that you have an expert managing your affiliate program at all times. One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is allowing your affiliate program to run on auto-pilot or hiring an inexperienced Affiliate Management Agency to handle your affiliate program.

Cost-effective marketing starts with an Affiliate Program. We have over 15 years of experience managing top affiliate programs and driving over $500M in revenue. Our founder has managed top affiliate programs like,, and Lamps Plus. We pride ourselves on growing your business. We’ve worked with small businesses to fortune 5000 affiliate programs to help them reach their greatest potential. Our experts are top outsourced affiliate managers and know how to manage all affiliate program verticals. With our industry knowledge and expertise, you can relax and focus on the important aspects of your business while we manage your affiliate program management services.


  • Set-up and choose an affiliate network (if needed)
  • Analysis/create your current affiliate program strategy
  • Recruit affiliates
  • Monitor your affiliate program
  • Provide daily management
  • Monthly performance reports
  • Newsletters & Creatives
  • Placements
  • Program Optimization

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