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Picasso Marketing an SEO Agency

Picasso Marketing is a full-service SEO and digital marketing agency with 20+ years of experience.  Our in-depth knowledge of search engine optimization has lead us to become a go-to SEO company.  We value continuous learning and apply this to our SEO strategies. By combining best practices and deep knowledge, our team delivers high-quality work that drives results.  Our comprehensive and dynamic approach to search engine optimization has yielded stellar results for many companies over the years.

Our goal is to help your business improve its SEO.  If you’re looking for ways to improve the rankings of your website or need our experienced account managers to create and execute a successful strategy, our goal is to help you win at SEO.



Do I Need SEO Services?

Yes, all businesses should have a long-term SEO strategy in place. Organic traffic is one of the largest and cheapest sources of website visitors to many business websites. Every day over 5.6 billion searches takes place on Google. Ranking at the top of the search results is a great way to capture the millions of people searching for your products and services. We always recommend SEO Services to our clients as it is one of the best strategies to grow your business long-term. You can’t afford to be behind the competition if you want to capture market share. You can see for yourself how many daily searches are made on each search engine.

Billion Daily Searches on Google
Million Daily Searches on Yahoo
Million Daily Searches on Bing

SEO Services

Hire Picasso Marketing as your SEO Agency. We will optimize your website with key SEO strategies. We start by doing a deep SEO website analysis of your website and checking up to 200 points of the SEO process to get your website ranked high in the search engines. As a leading SEO agency we have worked and successfully completed many projects; it doesn’t matter how big or complex the project is we can handle it. We ensure you will get high-quality leads through our industry’s best practices, creative storytelling, dedicated account managers, and years of experience. SEO doesn’t show results overnight. SEO takes time to get results. SEO can help your site’s ranking on search engines if done correctly, but SEO only works if you have a good website and the knowledge and skill to maintain your SEO strategy. It can take years to learn everything about SEO that will help your business become a top-ranking site in the search engines. Our experts stay on top of all the industry changes and will help your business rank high in the search engines.



SEO Agency

Tennessee’s Search Engine Optimization Agency 


We provide SEO services as a marketing strategy to drive traffic to your websites. Unlike other marketing strategies, search engine optimization is an extremely slow process, it can take months. We always recommend our clients work with us for at least 6- 12 months to see long-term results. In addition, it requires a lot of time and effort for our SEO consultants to optimize a website.  In general, it is the process of setting your website up, so it ranks high in search engines. Without this process, your website may never be found, and you will be losing potential customers. The higher your site ranks in search engines because it is properly optimized, it will attract more visitors.

This form of marketing is one of the most valuable, but also the most difficult of all marketing strategies. There is no one-size-fits-all in SEO. Although some of the techniques may be similar, it’s not always the same. Properly optimizing a website requires a top SEO agency that has years of experience. Yes, some businesses choose to go it alone or spend a lot of money hiring someone in-house; to find out 6 months later, their search engine rankings are still the same. We are here to take the hassle and countless hours out of getting your website to rank high in the search engines. We make your job easier by doing the work for you. Picasso Marketing will consistently work hard to get your business a fully SEO-optimized website.  

Increased Website Traffic With SEO

Our SEO Agency services our clients with Quality Link Building, Technical SEO, Local SEO, Off-Site SEO, and Content Generation. If your site traffic is low you might not be doing any of these. Our goal is to get your business noticed and to do this you need an SEO Agency that specializes in all things SEO. We will get you more traffic by developing a search engine marketing plan that specifically targets your key phrases, with targeted content that is relevant and easy for Google to crawl. Our goal is to get your website into the top 10% of SERPS. Our team of Content Generation experts will create short-tail content that is great for users and search engines alike. SEO Agencies help solidify your online reputation by giving your company the wider recognition it deserves. Our focus on technical, local, off-site, and original content maximizes the exposure and traffic your business receives.

We’ll guide you through the entire process, from the beginning to the end, so you can rest assured that your SEO Services are in capable hands. We will get you more traffic by offering straightforward solutions to complex problems. We work with you to understand your unique business challenges and tailor a solution that works for you.

What Is SEO

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to optimizing your website to show up on Google and other search engines. This strategy requires your website to show specific search terms (i.e., Fitness Club). To do this, an SEO Agency typically starts by determining ideal search terms based on a site’s overall search relevance and competitiveness for its target market(s) analyzing keyword traffic and the competitiveness of each potential target keyword term, then builds both offsite (i.e., backlinks) and technical onsite optimization (i.e., keyword placement, proper homepage titles, use of relevant text and images, etc.) around those terms increasing targeted keyword traffic. Our SEO Services help your website appear at the top when people search with keywords that are relevant to your business. By creating a strong online presence, you can attract more potential customers on the web.

External Links & Content Writing

Using great content, the concept of backlinking and external link building can occur. If you try to buy backlinks, your site could fall in rank in the search engines. For example, if you buy a paid directory submission instead of creating quality content, then it may be flagged by the search engines as spam. Content generation and blog writing are two ways to generate great content for links. Regardless of how you choose to get the word out, SEO links and written content can play important roles.

Every year thousands of websites try to reach the coveted top spot in Google search results. Unfortunately, some of these sites resort to using unethical black-hat SEO methods and end up being penalized or removed from the search engines. To help you stay in business, we’ve outlined two great ways you can generate links without spamming or using unethical methods. The first way is content generation. Blogs and newsletters will help you create new content while helping your audience gain valuable information at the same time. The key is to always provide value.

Technical/Onsite SEO

We use a variety of Technical/Onsite SEO best practices while onsite optimizations such as using the right keywords, title tags, meta tags, schema, and more are adjusted to focus on the target keywords. Depending on the website this process may take time; we recommend this type of SEO to be an ongoing process. During this process, we will monitor your keyword rank to ensure optimizations are truly beneficial.

Local SEO

If you are looking to conquer your local market, consider a local SEO agency like Picasso Marketing. Our Local SEO agency services can help put your business in the spotlight and get it into the local search results. It’s an online marketing practice that ensures your business meets local searches by getting onto the first page of a Google map. If you want to catch the audience’s attention, it’s essential to present your business in a way that grabs their data and makes them go looking for your contact information.

Our SEO Process (Not A Complete List)


RESEARCH: The first step of our SEO process is understanding your customer and how they search for your product or service. Research is key to achieving SEO success and you can rely on us to do this thoroughly. We aim to gain a thorough understanding of your business model, your customers, and how your customers search online.

GOAL SETTING & CONVERSION TRACKING: Setting clear goals and tracking conversions is the best way to keep improving your SEO over time.

KEYWORD RESEARCH: We conduct keyword research to understand how your business model works and what’s important, then we find the best and most relevant keywords that offer the greatest return for your business.

CONTENT OPTIMIZATION: Our team of SEO copywriters will integrate well-researched keyword phrases into the key metadata, headers, and content on your website to assure your website ranks higher and generates more traffic.

CODE OPTIMIZATION: Our code optimization service involves many different things. Our list of optimizable items is just over 50.

OFF-PAGE OPTIMIZATION: A few of the most important off-page SEO strategies we use are to optimize your Google My Business listing (for local SEO), Google Search Console, and LinkedIn company profile.

AUTHORITY BUILDING/LINK BUILDING: Link building can be tricky. It is time-consuming and it’s hard to predict which sites will produce the best results. We find new link opportunities every day and follow a proven strategic approach that improves our success rates.

CONTENT WRITING & OPTIMIZATION: Our content writers and SEO experts craft beautiful, keyword-rich articles and blog posts that will help you grow your website. Our writers will craft an article that will help you get found online. We’ll create great headlines and engaging content that your readers are going to love.

CUSTOM ANALYSIS: We want to bring you the best results possible. With our custom SEO analysis, we can dedicate more time to your SEO campaign and make sure it is on the right track.

REPORTING: We want to be transparent and make sure you fully understand what we do to optimize your website. We create dashboards and or PDF reports, and more, you’ll receive everything we do, from every angle.