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Picasso Marketing A Paid Search Marketing Agency

Picasso Marketing is a paid search marketing agency with 20+ years of experience. Our paid search marketing services are proven to bring in more leads and sales for your business. We prioritize your business needs so you’ll see positive ROI when you use our paid search marketing services. We provide  services for Google and Facebook Ads. We offer speciality services like Google Local Service Ads and Google Guarantee services for professional service businesses.

Our professional account managers will audit your current paid search campaigns to determine how to improve, optimize your conversions, and lower your overall costs. We will create a strategy, write ad copy, create landing pages, and analyze campaign success so you attract the right leads to your business. With Google Guarantee we can guarantee your business a set amount of unique qualified leads every month. If you are looking to grow you business let us help!


What Is Paid Search Marketing?

Paid Search Marketing is also known as PPC. It’s a digital marketing strategy that allows a business to be found online via google search. However, the list is a sponsored listing, meaning the business has paid google a fee to show up in a certain spot on the goggle page. Every time someone clicks on your Google ad it will deduct an amount from the budget you have setup in Google. For example: You have a daily budget setup of $500 a day and for each click through to your website or landing page Google charges you $2 per click. This amount is pretty cheap when you compare it to the amount the lead will spend with your company when they use your services if you calculate how much one of your services costs. If the lead purchases one of your services and it costs $450 and you only paid $2 to get that lead. That’s a great return on your investment. Now, you can see the value in using PPC.

Do I Need Paid Search Marketing?

Yes, all businesses that offer a product or service needs Paid Search Marketing as a marketing strategy. PPC will help your business get qualified – warm leads straight to your business. This is what you need to effectually grow and scale your business. Someone searching for the services you offer on Google is ready to buy and has an intent to use the services or products they’re searching for so with that in mind, they are already pre-qualified for your offer. If you’re doing Google ads on your own without the knowledge of an expert Paid Search Marketing account manager you might be missing out on a lot of potential leads. Let one of our experienced PPC account managers set your business up for success.

Guaranteed Qualified Leads

With Google Local Services, we send only qualified leads to your business. We believe in working closely with you to ensure that your campaigns meet your goals.

Beat the Competition

We will review your brand and compare it with your competitors, analyze their strengths, and weaknesses, and tailor your content to outpace your competitors.


Our paid search managers will identify strategic ad copy strategies that will drive traffic to your landing page, encourage visitors to call you, complete a form or make a purchase.